LML first couture pieces

Photographs by Jamie Morgan

Paintings by Karen Kilimnik

Artwork courtesy Gallery Sprueth Magers

« At the age of seventeen I was a fashion student at Central Saint
Martins in London. I was lucky to get to know the photographer
Jamie Morgan, who offered to photograph
the first look I ever did there.
Ten years later I moved to Berlin and created the LML Studio
project. Jamie Morgan accepted to come shoot in
Parochialkirche, the Reformed Church next to my studio, just a
few yards away from Alexanderplatz, thanks to Bertold Hocker,
fierce gay rights activist and the Superintendent of the Church.
Upon seeing the photographs, created along with stylist Andreas
Peter Krings, Karen Kilimnik's work immediately came to mind.
The year I moved to London, Karen Kilimnik had a show at the
Serpentine Gallery. Her paintings and drawings punctuated the
site-specific installations she invented recalling Tudor architecture
and stately homes. Thus it felt natural to give her carte
blanche to intervene on these photographs. »  Lucas Meyer-Lèclere 

Artworks and text first published in Frog Magazine.