LML Studio was born in Berlin from the desire to reveal the beauty hidden in the craft of existing garments and create wearable art pieces.
Each piece is free of gender and sizing and entirely altered by hand. It combines couture know-how with care for the environment.

Whilst still a Fashion Design student at Central Saint-Martins in London, 
Lucas Meyer-Leclère was hired by Karl Lagerfeld to create fabrics for Chanel 
where he developed hand painting techniques and print design.
He then lived between Milan and London where he designed fabrics for 
various designers (Louis Vuitton, Dior, Raf Simons, Lanvin etc) 
and was head of textile accessories for Jimmy Choo. 
He moved to Berlin in 2017 where he had his first solo show called « 5555 ».
The show was a combination of printed collages, soundscape and a text read by 
MJ Harper and Hannah Bhuiya as well as a poem performed by Nicolas Maxim Endlicher.
Two years later, he used the canvases of the exhibition to make clothes 
and started taking existing garments from his own wardrobe and altered them.
 He painted directly onto clothes he retailored and embellished with braidings 
made from ties and  climbing ropes, bringing techniques usually outsourced by companies at the centre of his practise.
In February 2020 he designed costumes for « Diorama », a dance film choreographed by Sebastian Kloborg with dancers Maria Koshtakova and Daniil Simkin.

He also dressed dancer T. Will and singer Yves Tumor.

In October 2021 he was invited by Christiane Arp to show his collection as part of Berlin Fashion Week. The show was dubbed « one of the best shows ever made in Berlin » by many members of the press.